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Animation can take many forms, but for us it centrally involves developing a strong script with highly evocative imagery.


Its very nature is to often use images that lie beyond everyday realism and provoke a unique response from the viewer. It is a very powerful form for specialist content.


As an ethically minded organisation, we're passionate about making films for charities.


We understand clear messages are critical and we're sensitive to particular cultural and sector attributes, particularly when presenting AV for widespread public viewing.


Few contexts benefit more from video production than education and training,

where ideas fused with engaging characters can create powerful and meaningful narratives.


In addition to film, audio materials have the potential to create a highly evocative and engaging experience.


We must hope that the twenty first century marks a clear and ethical response to climate change and particularly energy generation, storage and transmission.

This interview is with the celebrated world authority on Global Ethics: Professor Heather Widdows.


Fusing strong imagery with clear content gives your business a narrative. Every business or brand tells a story and whether it's obvious or not, a narrative exists.


So taking control of your business narrative ensures a clearer understanding of what you provide and what you stand for.  Showing what you do through film is usually much more

powerful than just saying it.


Producing a trailer or teaser is often used as a marketing tool, so production strategies are usually similar to a promotional film. 

However the twist is in the teasing element, where a clear literal narrative is replaced by more elusive narrative.

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