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Each brief is carefully planned and resourced ensuring the right people, with the right skills, work on the right projects. We love a challenge and deliver inspired materials with strong content, on time and on budget.
We provide complete video and audio solutions from initial consultation through to production, editing and final file delivery.
We provide expert content consultancy to support in-house or contracted digital development teams with a variety of production strategies including research,
content and contributors.
We support web designers and upload master files straight to platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove.
We always work with very talented crews supported by very high standard equipment. Sony and Canon cameras are typically used with Adobe and Avid edit systems. We originate video materials in HD and 4k ultra HD together with extremely high quality audio up to high resolution audio (HRA) 96kHz / 24 bit.
These technical standards help future proof programme content allowing standard compression codecs to be used within current streaming limits. We supply the original master files too, so as bandwidth improves you can effortlessly upgrade the AV files without further costs.
Please give us a call if you have a specific technical query and we can talk it through. 
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